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Le Samourai on DVD [[BR]]
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The Editors' - Whatever their album is called on CD [[BR]]
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5' x 8' tree branch print rug from West Elm in glacier/pine [[BR]]
Canon 20D kit [[BR]]

Name: Michael Weinberg BR Email: michael.weinberg@personaltelco.NOSPAM.net <--hint, take out the NOSPAM before mailing.BR Homepage: http://www.luckymike.com BR Node Info: wiki:NodeId:514

I'm currently overseeing the MississippiGrantProject.

Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/CWC* Wish List

Interpol's CD(s)BR Queens of the Stone Age CD BR The Darkness album on CD BR Ryan Adams - 29 on CD BR Canon 20D vertical battery grip BR

* CWC: Celebration of Winter Consumerism

The list of all the pages I've contributed to:



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