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Here is a proposed work flow for the NoCatAuth NodeSplashPages. This is a first pass and is done with insuffient knowledge of NoCatAuth in CaptivePortal mode. -- AdamShand

  • User comes within range and dhcp's an address
  • User opens a browser and gets redirected to the splash page which has:
    • OurLogo and any sponsor's logos

    • The name of the node
    • Navigational links (ptp site, sponsor site etc)
    • The terms and conditions of use
    • A check box which says "i agree to the terms" (and a javascript
      • check to make sure that it's checked when they hit the submit button ... not perfect but good enough for now unless someone has a better idea)
    • Some status information (# of users, a status light for internet
      • connection status ... more if we can think of it)
    • A user/pass box and a submit button
    • A click to register for an account button
    • A click for guest access button
  • If the user chooses tries to login with an incorrect user/pass
    • they are redirected back to the splash page with an error message (not sure how this will work yet, nocat may already handle it some how or we may need to hack something in)
  • If the user logs in with a correct user/pass or chooses guest *and*
    • has the agree to terms and conditions box checked they:
    • Get a pop up window which has the same side bar as the login page
      • plus a logout button
    • Gets forwarded to their original url in the main browser window

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