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Node name: SubtendBR Node Info: NodeId:280 BR Live Date: November 21st, 2003 BR Sponsor: Kris Amundson Contact: krisa@subtend.net


Software Installed

Network Topology

  • Address:
  • Gateway:
  • Wireless Address:
  • DHCP Pool: - .99

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2004-07-11 - Moved to larger subnet (/28 to /24). Still no external antenna.
  • 2003-11-21 - Initial Linksys setup. Allocated PTP subnet and created NodeDb and proper PTP wiki pages. Considering ditching the Linksys and going for a Senao. No external antenna at this point. Might occur in the next couple weeks (the purchasing at least).



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