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Confidential: Please Log Out If You Reached Here By Mistake

Personal Telco Contact Details

Site Details

Hardware Details

  • Router: (Owned by )
    • Username: Password:
  • Server: (Owned by )
    • Username: Password:
  • Access Point: (Owned by )
    • Username: Password:
  • Cables/Hubs: (Owned by )
  • Other: (Owned by )

Software Details

  • Portal: NocatAuth (Version: Updated by: On: )

  • DNS: Bind 9

Network Details

  • Router
    • WAN IP
    • Wireless IP
  • Network Map
  • ISP: Integra Telecom - DSL Line

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2003 March 19, Brian Beattie
    • Installed BeWitched 0.2 beta (Nancy), for convience this was done by installing on a second CAB and the radio was moved from the old hardware to the new. As usual I did not remember all the information that the new box needed.

  • 2003 March 25, AaronJohnson DaveJensen

    • Moved CAB into the rafters. One long cross over cable runs from the DSL modem up to the CAB.

You'll need a ladder to power cycle if it goes haywire.

Other Notes

Confidential: Please Log Out If You Reached Here By Mistake

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