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 * Hostname: frick
 * Internet Network: ???

Node name: AnnaBannanasBR Node Info: NodeId:579 BR Live Date: March 20, 2004 BR Sponsor: Anna Bannanas BR Contact: Robert Petersen robert@personaltelco.net

Equipment Donated

Software Installed

Network Topology

  • Address:
  • Gateway:
  • Hostname: frick
  • Internet Network: ???
  • Wireless Address:
  • Wireless Network:
  • DHCP Pool: to

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log

  • 04/21/2006: Got word via AaronBaer on the ops list that it was out again. Aaron graciously sync'd up keys on the box and I discovered that /var was full. I deleted /var/log/nocat.log and restarted nocatauth. There had been 15359 successful auth's since November 7, 2004, an average of about 30 auths per day since then. --RussellSenior

  • 04/17/2006: Responded to a downage report. Netgear AP was downstairs plugged directly into the DSL modem. I reconnected through the nucab and it all worked again. We moved the Netgear AP back upstairs over the coffee bar and it was working when I left. No sign of any other wireless gear on the premises. The AP was oversized compared to current devices, so it's probably the 11b. --RussellSenior

  • 10/13/2004: Some reports of customer laptops picking up on neighbor's wifi signals instead of the ptp signal. This is happening a few times per week, not a huge problem. Maybe an adjustment to the channels? They have two antennas, one for downstairs one for upstairs if I remember right. Or maybe we just need a brochure explaining to neophytes how to adjust their settings? --GeneMerrill

  • 10/15/2004: Added a complete hardware list of what I installed initially. I'll look at the 802.11b. It may be time for Bryant to fork out for a descent AP + Antenna upstairs. :)


  • Ask about the basement smoking lounge. Oh, and the Great Coffee!


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