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'''Node name:''' AnnaBannanasStJohns <<BR>> '''Node name:''' NodeAnnaBannanasStJohns <<BR>>
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Node name: NodeAnnaBannanasStJohns
Live Date: February 2, 2002
Sponsor: AnnaBannanas
Contact: (503)286-2030
Status: Potential node or down for maintenance

8716 N Lombard St.
Portland, Oregon
Map: Map: https://cwnmyr.personaltelco.net/nodes/AnnaBannanasStJohns


Software Installed

  • Debian Sarge Builder Install

Network Configuration

  • ESSID: www.personaltelco.net
  • Channel: 6
  • BSSID: 00:14:A5:81:D8:C4
  • Hostname: kong
  • Internet Network:
  • Gateway:
  • Upstream DNS servers:,
  • PTPnet Network:

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2006-10-10: Please bring me (bring_SJJeff_into_the_PTP_fold ATTA cavener DOTOLA com) into the fold. I've tried to get involved with PersonalTelco over the years, and I'm stumped as to how to elicit a response from anyone involved, or discover meeting announcements before the meetings rather than after. I've been involved with this node from the start:

Provided advice on ISP choices on the peninsula. Identified a Qwest line loop addition as the problem with the Integra installation. Patched around incompatability between Kong and 802.11b Linksys they had. Provided Airlink AR525W in response to coverage problems and local interference sources. Provided 50' catV and relocation suggestions in response to local 2.4GHz interference sources.


  • Good coffee
  • Coverage is great now!


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