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See also NodeMap

As wireless groups grow in size a number, many people have implemented their own node database, ususally with a mapping system. This is a place to keep track of these projects to keep from reinventing the wheel. --DonPark

Personal Telco's node db/mapping project.

NodeDB.com's software was based upon brismesh's software, with major revisions to the internal math functions and removal of all needed external binaries, covers to date 430 locations, with many countries and areas world wide covered.

We at http://wigle.net love to indiscriminantly catalog APs :) We generate maps from census bureau data for any county in the US, and have java, windows, mac OSX and web-based clients which download and renders points on the scrollable, zoomable MapPacks. We currently have over 13 million points worldwide, and it's growing fast. The more data the better...

Wigle done better[citation needed], with much more of an Open Source GIS angle (though the wifimaps glue is not source available) - again, a node scanner rather than a node owner metadata database.

See also NodeMap


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