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 * 14 dBi Yagi and 5' LMR-400 Jumper (donated by CalebPhillips)

Node name: [http://www.firstunitarianportland.org/ First Unitarian Church]BR Live Date: 2006-02-27 BR Contact: [mailto:chris@chrisgates.net Chris Gates]

[http://www.portlandmaps.com/detail.cfm?action=Block&propertyid=R246849&state_id=1S1E04AA%20%203400&address_id=104575&intersection_id=&dynamic_point=0&x=7641943.042&y=682687.793&place=1011%20SW%2012TH%20AVE&city=PORTLAND&neighborhood=DOWNTOWN&seg_id=138911 1000-1099] SW 12th Ave. BR Portland, OR


  • NuCab (provided by PersonalTelco)

  • NetgearWgt634u (provided by First Unitarian Church)

  • Metrix Mark II Kit (provided by First Unitarian Church)
    • Soekris net4826
    • 2 A/B/G 100mW Atheros Radios
    • PoE injector
    • Rooftop Sled
    • 7-9 dBi Antenna with some downtilt
    • ~3ft LMR-(250-400) Jumper with female N connectors
  • 14 dBi Yagi and 5' LMR-400 Jumper (donated by CalebPhillips)

Software Installed

Network Configuration

  • ESSID: www.personaltelco.net
  • Channel: 1
  • BSSID: 00:09:5B:F7:69:2A
  • Hostname: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Servetus servetus]

  • Internet Network:
  • Gateway:
  • Upstream DNS servers:,
  • PTPnet Network:




Installers / Organizers

Installation Notes


FirstUnitarianChurch owns the entire block. This includes several entire buildings and a lot of diverse architecture. The overall goal is to saturate a few specific spots inside the buildings and cover the surrounding neighborhood with free wireless internet. The relevant buildings are:

  • The Eliot Center ("EC") will be built in coming months and years. It will take the place of several existing, smaller buildings. Once constructed, the Eliot center will be used for various community events, education and activities. As such, it will need some wireless coverage. However, this is still a couple of years off.
  • The Office Building ("0") houses the existing IT infrastructure and many small offices. Currently, there is a DSL line which serves something like 2-dozen users and a couple of servers. I suspect that Wifi coverage in the Office Building is not a huge priority, as most anywhere you would want connection has a lan-drop. However, it would still be nice.
  • The Salmon Street Sanctuary ("SS") is on the corner of 12th and Salmon, it is on the historic registry, and is currently undergoing construction for seismic upgrades, which are expected to finish by March. Once this construction finishes, its bell-tower may be the ideal location for a some sector antennas pointed out windows to cover the surrounding area. Also, the inside of this building should be covered eventually. It's construction is steel re-enforced masonry with plaster inlaid with steel mesh - a FarradayCage. Below and around the sanctuary are several other floors which house classes for [http://www.nwacademy.org/ NW Academy] (who appear to have their own wireless network locally), religious education, music classes, and some other things.

  • The Main Street Sanctuary ("MS") houses a second sanctuary (which has recording hardware for podcasting and is used for religious service as well as various speaking events) and "Fuller Hall" in the basement, which hosts community gatherings. Both the second sanctuary and Fuller hall are prime candidates for initial unwiring.
  • The unlabelled building is an apartment building for the [http://www.outsidein.org/ Outside-In], which would surely benefit from FreeWireless, and may be willing to collaborate. If they are, they sure do have a nice chimney (on top of a scary roof).

To Do List

  • Phase Two (rooftop node)
  • Put OpenWGT on the WGT
  • Talk to Outside In about using their DSL line too -- collaboration in general.

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2006-09-25: RussellSenior, GregZupan, ChrisGates, PesheScott, and I did a site survey for "StageTwo". Decided that the best option is a non-penetrating quadropod sled on the 12th and Main tower (which has a flatspace on top) with a soekris in the typical MetrixMarkII enclosure with an omni. Will have a second radio for a point-to-point link at some point. Going foward on gear purchases and logistics, looking forward to an install within a month or two. -- CalebPhillips

  • 2006-08-02: Moving forward on initial plans to cover a radius of 2-3 blocks, ChrisGates, GregZupan, and I have initiated some more planning, which should result in action come September2006 and October2006. -- CalebPhillips

  • 2006-02-27: GregZupan, ChrisDawson, and I met at the Church at 6:00pm to finish up the install. We quickly determined that the cable run must have been pinched somewhere along the line. We made a second run of cable, tested it, and it worked. After removing the bad cable, pinning up the good one, crimping ends, and plugging in - everything seems to work. In fact, this log is being made via the connection from the upper balcony of the Main Street Sanctuary (MSS). Yay. -- CalebPhillips

  • 2006-02-26: GregZupan and ChrisGates attempted to finish the install only to find the cable run was bad -- CalebPhillips

  • 2006-02-19: Cleaned up a few more "node 42" references from our builder mis-steps. Added the local DNS servers to /etc/net-node/named.conf.options. Made /etc/nocatauth/gateway/htdocs a symlink to /home/web/node/firstunitarian, and /etc/net-node a symlink to /root/firstunitarian (the local svn checkout) instead. --RussellSenior

  • 2006-02-18: Met out at the church today with the intention of running Cat5e from the office to the MSS balcony and installing the captive the portal server. I was joined by RussellSenior and a few people from the church (ChrisGates, GregZupan, and GardnerGrice). The Cat5e run was put off until a more powerful drill can be acquired for getting through a concrete wall. Installing the gateway seems to have been successful. I have updated the information above accordingly. Also, we setup a the WGT in the office as a proof-of-concept until the cable run is complete. Work will continue as soon as possible. -- CalebPhillips

  • 2006-02-16: RussellSenior and I did a "builder install" on NuCab for this node. In spite of the builder-scripts only partially working (due to subversion authentication), the resulting NuCab seems to mostly work. -- CalebPhillips

  • 2006-02-11: ChrisGates did some reconnaissance, getting in touch with the OutsideIn and NWAcademy. He also determined a way to run Cat5e from the Office to the MS. Next step is to buy gear and install it -- CalebPhillips

  • 2006-02-02: Went out to site to do an initial site survey. Details above. Will post pictures at some point. -- CalebPhillips



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