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Node name: NodeGooseHollow
Live Date: January 6, 2012
Sponsor: Goose Hollow Inn/Fehrenbacher Hof
Contact: RussellSenior <russell AT personaltelco DOT net>

1927 SW Jefferson St.
Portland, Oregon 97201

Map: https://cwnmyr.personaltelco.net/nodes/GooseHollow


Software Installed

Network Configuration

  • Hostname: ruby
  • Hostname: ar0.goosehollow.ptp
    • PTP IpAddr:

    • Channel: 1
    • Interface: wlan0
      • SSID: www.personaltelco.net/0
      • BSSID: 00:27:22:38:2d:54
    • Interface: wlan0-1
    • Interface: wlan0-2
  • Hostname: ar1.goosehollow.ptp
    • PTP IpAddr:

    • Channel: 11
    • Interface: wlan0
      • SSID: www.personaltelco.net/1
      • BSSID: 00:27:22:38:2D:6B
    • Interface: wlan0-1
    • Interface: wlan0-2

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2012-01-06: Installed today, discovered the AirRouters don't like more than one of their LAN ports used at a time, probably a configuration bug, will investigate. Also, will look into getting another AP in the Goose. Currently both are on the 2nd floor of the Hof. There is a cat5 run over to the Goose, with some apparently unused pairs. We would need two pairs to make it work. --RussellSenior



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