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Node name: NodeGooseHollow
Live Date: January 6, 2012
Sponsor: Goose Hollow Inn/Fehrenbacher Hof
Contact: RussellSenior <russell AT personaltelco DOT net>

1927 SW Jefferson St.
Portland, Oregon 97201

Map: https://cwnmyr.personaltelco.net/nodes/GooseHollow


Software Installed

Network Configuration

  • Host: ruby (alix2 gateway)
    • IPv4addr:
    • IPv6addr: 2001:470:e962:1401::1/64
  • Host: ar0.goosehollow.ptp
    • IPv4addr:
    • IPv6addr: 2001:470:e962:1401:27:22ff:fe39:2d54/64
    • Channel: 1
    • Interface: wlan0
      • SSID: www.personaltelco.net/0
      • BSSID: 00:27:22:38:2d:54
    • Interface: wlan0-1
    • Interface: wlan0-2
  • Host: ar1.goosehollow.ptp
    • IPv4addr:
    • IPv6addr: 2001:470:e962:1401:27:22ff:fe39:2d6b/64
    • Channel: 11
    • Interface: wlan0
      • SSID: www.personaltelco.net/1
      • BSSID: 00:27:22:38:2D:6B
    • Interface: wlan0-1
    • Interface: wlan0-2
  • Host: ar2.goosehollow.ptp
    • IPv4addr:
    • IPv6addr: 2001:470:e962:1401:27:22ff:fe39:2d78/64
    • Channel: 1
    • Interface: wlan0
      • SSID: www.personaltelco.net/1
      • BSSID: 00:27:22:38:2D:78
    • Interface: wlan0-1
    • Interface: wlan0-2

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2013-01-31: Updated alix2 to r35318 with linux kernel version 3.7.4 and IPv6. --RussellSenior

  • 2012-12-10: With help from Jason Clark, installed the third AirRouter, this one in the Goose Hollow Inn proper, which gets decent coverage inside for the first time. Turns out there were three unused ethernet runs between the buildings. We tested the run, it worked, I crimped a run from the attic into the bar space and it works. One shortcoming for now, the third AP is plugged into one of the LAN ports on ar0 in the office in the Hof. If ar0 flakes out, it can take ar2 with it. I suggested I bring over a netgear switch to alleviate this. Jason mentioned the office is going to be getting some remodelling. --RussellSenior

  • 2012-01-06: Installed today, discovered the AirRouters don't like more than one of their LAN ports used at a time, probably a configuration bug, will investigate. Also, will look into getting another AP in the Goose. Currently both are on the 2nd floor of the Hof. There is a cat5 run over to the Goose, with some apparently unused pairs. We would need two pairs to make it work. --RussellSenior



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