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'''Node name:''' SE: 39th and Lincoln[[BR]]
'''Node Info:''' NodeId:646 [[BR]]
'''Live Date:''' October, 2004 [[BR]]
'''Sponsor:''' BenjaminJencks [[BR]]
'''Node name:''' SE: 39th and Lincoln<<BR>>
'''Node Info:''' NodeId:646 <<BR>>
'''Live Date:''' October, 2004 <<BR>>
'''Sponsor:''' BenjaminJencks <<BR>>

Node name: SE: 39th and Lincoln
Node Info: NodeId:646
Live Date: October, 2004
Sponsor: BenjaminJencks
Contact: BenjaminJencks mailto:ben@bjencks.net

Equipment Donated

  • WRT54G preinstalled with ewrt-0.2 as a door prize at ewrtshop. Thanks to the very nice folks at Portless Networks!

Equipment Installed

  • AP: WRT54G with 7dbi omni
  • Router/NAT: 450mhz PII 128Mb RAM 4 linksys 10/100 NICs
  • Router and possible node-to-node link: WRT54GS

Software Installed

  • WRT54G: ewrt-0.2 with zebra and ptp splash pages
  • NAT: OpenBSD 3.4 (soon to be 3.6)
  • WRT54GS: openwrt + quagga

Network Topology

  • Address:
  • Address: 2001:5c0:8316::/48
  • External:
  • Wireless Address:
  • Wireless Network:
  • Wireless Network: 2001:5c0:8316:4::/64
  • DHCP Pool:

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log



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