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Node name: Pioneer Courthouse Square area
Live Date: February 2, 2002
Sponsor: EasyStreet (provides the DSL, thanks!)
Host: SRG Partnership, Inc. - GregMoore
Contact: RussellSenior

621 SW Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97204
http://www.pioneercourthousesquare.org/ Map: https://cwnmyr.personaltelco.net/nodes/PioneerSquare

The Pioneer Courthouse Square area is a large brick flatspace in downtown PortlandOregon, between SW 6th & Broadway, Morrison & Yamhill.

In 2002, a node was installed, successfully unwiring the entire square. Originally, the node was sponsored by Web Criteria, then in 2003 the Portland Business Alliance took up the torch. In 2005, the Business Alliance moved and SRG Partnership, Inc. is now hosting the node.


Software Installed

  • OpenWrt Kamikaze r7896

  • Hostap driver
  • Wifidog

Installers / Organizers

Network Configuration

  • Netgear WGT634U
    • Hostname: frack
    • Internet ipaddr:
    • Internet gateway:
    • Upstream DNS servers:,
    • LAN ipaddr:
  • NanoStation2

    • ESSID: www.personaltelco.net
    • BSSID: 00:15:6D:E0:7B:00
    • Channel: 11
    • Bridge ipaddr:

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2008-06-03: Today, Greg and I installed a Ubiquity NanoStation2 (it belongs to me, but as they are out of stock everywhere at the moment, I've agreed to let them use it in the meantime, and they can replace mine when they become available hopefully later this month) in a third floor window overlooking the Square. The Senao radio (still present, but disabled) and antenna were decommissioned. The Netgear got moved to the server room next to the DSL modem, was plugged into a UPS, and will continue to serve as the wifidog gateway. There was some initial workingness, followed by non-workingness, followed by a firmware upgrade and improved workingness. Hopefully, that workingness will remain. --RussellSenior

  • 2007-08-24: Netgear WGT634U with a Senao NL-2511MP 200mW radio, OpenWrt and Wifidog is now plugged in and operating. Note that every other warm boot will result in a failure to bring up the radio. If rebooting locally, just power cycle. If rebooting remotely, just check afterwards "iwconfig" for wlan0, if not present, reboot again. --RussellSenior

  • 2007-08-22: Node has been out since approximately August 13. Cause is a failing harddisk. Took frack home to try to repair and/or replace with a wgt+senao card. Repair hit some bumps, so worked on the replacement angle. Initially the senao minipci card I had does not seem to be working at full power, but I eventually realized I might be connected to the wrong u.fl connection on the radio card. It was. Seems better now. Putting on the final shine now, hopefully will be reinstalled on 8/24. --RussellSenior

  • 2007-05-10: Responded to a mail to ops that eventually got moderated through. Cacti indicates no user activity since the May 3. Checked node remotely and discovered the br0 interface didn't have an IP. down/up'd wlan0 and br0 and restarted bind9 and udhcpd. We'll see if that fixed it. --RussellSenior

  • 2007-01-20: Made some snmpd configuration changes for NodeMonitoring. Also, reduced NoCat loglevel to zero. -- CalebPhillips

  • 2006-07-06: Dropped by and removed the Linksys from the equation now the NuCab has the globally routable IP and hopefully all will be well. I would commit my changes to subversion, but it appears to be down :(. - CalebPhillips

  • 2006-06-28: Experiencing intermittent issues with Linksys borking. Upgraded Linksys to newer Firmware 1.46.02. NAT Server port 80 pointed to Node PC. Are there other ports that should be passed through? -GregMoore

    • Typically 22, 5280, 80 (all TCP) are a good start 161 and 162 (UDP) are nice too, but I guess this is moot since I will be out there tomorrow removing the part that is NATing ;). - CalebPhillips

  • 2006-06-27: Installed Cisco 678 & Linksys BEFSR11. - GregMoore

  • 2006-06-26: Went by the node and noticed that it was not getting packets out to the internet. Power-cycled the DSL modem and this fixed the problem. Wrote a littler to the GeneralList asking for someone to donate a modem that doesn't suck so bad. - CalebPhillips

  • 2006-02-02: Responded to problems. Found the DSL modem borked (an Actiontec). The modem will need to be replaced by Qwest (presumably). In the interim, I've setup a similar modem. Because I was short on time and couldn't figure out how to make the Actiontec do bridging, I've set it up as a router. This required changes to the configuration of the NuCab's external interface. When we get the replacement modem -- this might be a good time to get bridging working again. For now, everything works fine again. I've forwarded ports 22,80,5280,161,162 TCP and 161,162 UDP to the NuCab. I also updated the onsite documentation. Finally, I added an account for myself to the NuCab with my PTP SSH key, but didn't give myself sudoer access. Oh, one more thing - I noticed NoCat is confused - when you agree to the terms the default redirect takes you to: http://node113.personaltelco.net/node/113, which is a 404. - CalebPhillips

  • 2005-10-03: Security updates installed. (- KeeganQuinn)

  • 2003-05-23: Upgraded hostap driver to 0.0.3. - BrianBeattie

  • 2003-05-06: Hmmm looks like somebody forgot to update this page when they upgraded the node. Removed /sbin/poweroff, not needed and will cause the system to be unavailable requiring a power cycle. - BrianBeattie

  • 2003-04-02: Checked system /var was at ~ 80%. Ran run-parts --verbose /etc/cron.daily, logrotate and symbol update failed no disk space. Cleaned out ntpstats /var/log down to 80%. Cleaned out old NoCatAuth logs down to 64%. Cleaned out current NoCatAuth logs down to 12%. Changed /etc/cron.daily/ntp-simple to remove stats older than 2 days. - BrianBeattie

  • 2002-06-03: Updated NoCatAuth to 0.80.20020603 in /usr/local/nocat-6-3-nightly --MichaelCodanti

  • 2002-04-12: Updated NoCatAuth to nightly from 4-12-2002 with patches. (Now has a status page at: http://node113.personaltelco.net:5280/status) --MichaelCodanti


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