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'''Node Name:''' [http://www.redwingcoffee.com Red Wing Coffee and Baking] NodeId:561 [[BR]]
'''Status:''' Fully operational [[BR]]
'''Node Name:''' [[http://www.redwingcoffee.com|Red Wing Coffee and Baking]] NodeId:561 <<BR>>
'''Status:''' Fully operational <<BR>>
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1700 SE 6th Ave. [[BR]]
Portland, OR [[BR]]
'''["Map"]:''' NodeMap:NodeRedWing
1700 SE 6th Ave. <<BR>>
Portland, OR <<BR>>
'''[[Map]]:''' NodeMap:NodeRedWing

Node Name: Red Wing Coffee and Baking NodeId:561
Status: Fully operational
Live Date: January 3, 2004

1700 SE 6th Ave.
Portland, OR
Map: NodeMap:NodeRedWing

A phone number and email address should be listed for this node.


Software Installed

Network Configuration

  • ESSID: www.personaltelco.net
  • BSSID: 00:14:BF:1E:C7:D3 (need to confirm)

  • Channel: 11
  • Hostname: yeast
  • Internet Network:
  • Gateway:
  • Upstream DNS servers:,
  • AP:
  • PTPnet Network:

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log

  • 01/23/03 - Node reported down. AP is shown to be the problem
  • 01/??/03 - nocat box rebooted
  • 01/27/03 - TomFitz got AP back up, reports its still acting up.

  • 05/17/04 - Very Stable. No probs in months.
  • 2005-09-18 - Updated yeast. (- KeeganQuinn)

  • 2006-05-12 - essid is 'linksys'. left a note for IT person to set essid to www.personaltelco.net.
  • 2007-04-04 - linksys reset and essid moved back to the proper "www.personaltelco.net" by irving popovetsky (thanks irving!).


Provides good, solid coverage inside the establishment and around the immediate vicinity.


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