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The official splash page repository: http://www.personaltelco.net/splash/ The splash page repository: http://www.personaltelco.net/splash/

Many PersonalTelco nodes share a splash page on their CaptivePortal. We've worked hard to make sure that the page will render in pretty much every browser known to man (minimal images, no tables, uses CSS but works without it etc).

The splash page repository: http://www.personaltelco.net/splash/

Lightweight splash page in use at the urban grind coffeehouse, created by AaronJohnson (retrieved on 7-mar-2003) BR http://www.personaltelco.net/splash/urbangrind

The splash page in use at Pioneer Square (retrieved on 7-mar-2003) BR http://www.personaltelco.net/splash/pioneersquare/splash.html

See also: NoCatAuthWorkFlow

== old notes

Here's a preliminary idea: http://www.yourpalbill.com/ptp/nodesplash/ --BillHolmstrom

  • It looks like a good start to me, but I am worried about creating any links on that page that are not from the local gateway machine... Remember until they login they don't have any access to the Internet. I almost think that once they login they should be forced to another page that explains more about the node with a button to click to go where they originally specified. What do other people think? --MichaelCodanti

    • You are absolutely right. It also isn't very good for handhelds. I've worked on it a bit more and hopefully it is closer to something we can use now. No outside links until they are all logged in. Still pretty rudimentary, though: http://www.yourpalbill.com/ptp/nodesplash/ Anyone else? --BillHolmstrom

      • I like the look and feel of the pages. If you need help getting the logos transformed so that the backgrounds are transparent let me know. --LonnieWormley

        • Based on some info on NoCatAuthWorkFlow, and Lonnie's pages, I've got yet another page mockup available at http://www.yourpalbill.com/ptp/nodesplash/ It uses CSS and degrades well for older browsers/handhelds. --BillHolmstrom

          • This looks great Bill, I think we may have a winner. We also need two more buttons to register for an account and to get guest access without logging in. -- AdamShand

            • Thanks, that stuff should be trivial to add. I continue to advocate a javascript-free, table-free, server-side solution using CSS that degrades cleanly for handhelds and less compliant browsers. It works fine on Netscape 4, it just isn't as pretty. But it isn't ugly either, and it is entirely functional.

[http://www.yourpalbill.com/ptp/nodesplash/v3/ Node Splash version 3] is latest page by BillHolmstrom.

Is there a way to fix the scrolling text box to make it not seem to disappear and drop to the bottom of the browser window when you make it smaller? Here are some screen shots showing the problems using IE 6.0 [http://www.launi.com/dc/NoCatAuth/nodesplashv3-1.png Problem 1] [http://www.launi.com/dc/NoCatAuth/nodesplashv3-2.png Problem 2] -- LonnieWormley

I'm still debating in my head if it's a good idea but one of my listed features for NoCatAuth is the ability to allow certain links out. This would allow us to link to sponsors sites, an AUP and other goodness. It does however increase the possibilities of DOS attacks etc. I'm thinking it's a good thing but I could be swayed either way. --AdamShand

A mailto: link or a web form on the page would be exceedingly useful to have people report problems of a broken gateway. This happened to me just last week (Jan2002) - I could DHPC and ping the gateway but i couldnt not authenticate, even though nocat was in open mode. That way operators could login and look at the problem right away. It would also help count how many people are having trouble, especially if the gateway is working for some people. --DonPark

  • I thought about this too, but how will they report problems if the nodes broken? :-) -- AdamShand

Here's a quickie pasteup of the log-in over a map [http://www.universitypark.org/graphics/ptpsplash.JPG] --SamChurchill

Here's a PTP favicon .ico file I made: [http://www.yourpalbill.com/ptp/nodesplash/ptp.zip] (Take 2) --BillHolmstrom

  • I can't get that to load or save, no errors just nothing happens. --MichaelCodanti

    • I just added this as the PersonalTelco favicon.ico, it's cute. -- AdamShand

      • Bill looks great! Any chance you could make it transparent? (At least outside the tower) --MichaelCodanti

        • The zip file has been updated to include a transparent version of the icon. It is the best I could do with the freeware icon editor. --BillHolmstrom

          • I'll get this updated this weekend. Pester me if I forget please. -- AdamShand

            • It's now updated. Does it look right to people with browsers that do that stuff? Especially IE cause it's prett fussy. -- AdamShand

[http://www.launi.com/dc/NoCatAuth/NoCat01.html Test page 01] -- LonnieWormley

  • Doesn't look right in Mozilla 0.9.7 or Netscape 4.08 in Windows. Seems ok in IE. --BillHolmstrom

    • Oops, sorry Lonnie, when you told me that I assumed you were still playing with it. It really doesn't look right in Mozilla. Here's a [http://www.personaltelco.net/images/splashpage.png screenshot]. -- AdamShand

      • I revised the page to not include <DIV> tags (floating boxes). I have a table constructed of background images with text on top. This page uses CSS with type measured in points. This page should work in all browsers as it uses only HTML 3.0 code. I just viewed the page with Mozilla and it worked OK. I know that the order of the content is not optimal but I'm trying to come up with a good looking page that works with all browsers and has the functions that we need. -- LonnieWormley

        • It still does't [www.personaltelco.net/images/splashpage2.png look right]. It's better but not quite right, at least I don't think so but then I don't know what you're shooting for either :-) Oh, and I don't think DIV tags should be the problem, they are pretty well supported in all modern browsers I believe -- AS

Here is another test page. [http://www.launi.com/dc/NoCatAuth/NoCat02.html Test page 02]

This page has no floating boxes which is HTML 4.0. I have only used tables and form buttons, radio buttons, and form text boxes. The text in the boxes is copied from PersonalTelco page and [http://www.easystreet.com/services/personal_telco.html EasyStreet] website. It is there only as a place holder.

This page is another test page that is a work in progress comments appreciated and as usual the HTML source is freely available. New PTP logo includes Portland Oregon and 'www'. I think that the URL and the state need to be bolder at low resolution and size as is the case with this page.

Buttons and text input fields do not work yet. I just tried to get all of Adam's pencil story board on a page so that we could work with it.

All text and logos are filler logos. -- LonnieWormley

[http://www.launi.com/dc/NoCatAuth/NoCat030.html Test page 03]

This page has external CCS and has a re-direct to a registration page. New users will register on the second page and existing users will have 15 seconds to log in. -- LonnieWormley

[http://www.launi.com/dc/NoCatAuth/NoCat05.html Test page 05]

This page has the same techniques as page one. I've made an attempt to tighten the layout and make the page as narrow as possible. I have assumed that everyone will have to accept the user agreement to gain access. -- LonnieWormley

  • I like that layout. its catchy! One problem I ran into was if you have the text at a non default size. The curves and stuff start popping up in weird places. I think if you trap the text in a table cell that might help. But then again, the 'I agree' 'I don't agree' options are in a table and they seemed to be causing problems as well. Silly web design. *sigh* btw, something I'm seeing more and more, is instead of 'yes/no' radio options, just having a 'yes' checkbox (unchecked by default). Saves space. and its

    more direct. Just pop up a JavaScript error if they don't check it. In your <meta name=> tag, you have 'for Personal Telco Project.' I think that's correct grammatically as in 'for Bob Jones' but it sounds better with a the. I don't know why. :) so whets right? (Just a personal curiosity here). -- ColinDabritz

[http://www.launi.com/dc/NoCatAuth/NoCat06.html Test page 06]

This page addresses some of ColinDabritz's comments on page 05. There are no background graphics that go wacky when you change the font size in the browser.

I have also removed the radio box for not agreeing to the terms and have them consolidated into on table row. -- LonnieWormley

[http://www.launi.com/dc/NoCatAuth/NoCat07.html Test page 07]

This page does not use tables. It should be of interest to PocketPC users because it is only 292 pixels wide. I do not remember how many pixels wide the display is but here is a start.

This page totally uses floating boxes for positioning of text. If the browser window goes below 256 pixels wide some text may overlap. -- LonnieWormley


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