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There have been many suggestions and counter suggestions on what makes a community node "a node".

Here is a list of criteria which I think a Gateway node needs to meet in order to be considered a PersonalTelco community node:

  • Must be listed on the NodeMap

  • Must provide free and unrestricted access to the internet or WirelessCloud

  • Must have a standardized ESSID (see below)
  • Must broadcast it's ESSID
  • Must have a DHCP server
  • Should run a CaptivePortal gateway (eg. NoCatAuth)

  • Must NOT use WEP or an overly restrictive firewall to restrict access

The next issue is what should the ESSID be. There are two basic proposals each with their own advantages:

  1. Use www.personaltelco.net ESSID

    • pro: facilitates roaming
    • pro: is simple
    • con: causes problems with dense node population
  2. Use www.personaltelco.net/node111 as the ESSID

    • pro: doesn't assume that discrete nodes have a common backbone (which is really what the ESSID is supposed to identify)
    • pro: allows node specific information in the ESSID
    • con: breaks layer 2 roaming unless ESSID set to "Any" (which can cause problems if there are other non-personaltelco nodes around)
  3. Use 1 for nodes which are part of the WirelessCloud and 2 for nodes which are logically discrete from the rest of the network

    • pro: solves all the problems!
    • con: is more complicated
    • con: what happens as networks merge (eg. there's a NE "wireless could" and a SE "wireless cloud" that don't meet)

I prefer option 3. -- AdamShand


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