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'''Repeater Node'''' '''Repeater Node'''

Here is the list of criteria which a node needs to meet in order to be an official PersonalTelco node. See NodeTypes for a list of all the different types of nodes:

All Nodes

Gateway Node

  • Must provide an AccessPoint (ie. run in InfrastructureMode) and may not restrict access via ["WEP"], ["802.1x"] or any other mechanism.

  • Must broadcast its ["ESSID"] and have it set to www.personaltelco.net or www.personaltelco.net/nodeXXX (where XXX is the number from the [http://maps.personaltelco.net/ node map]).

  • The network must provide free and open access (blocking port 25?) to the internet or the "wireless cloud".
  • Must display the AcceptableUseAgreement, ideally it should run a CaptivePortal with the NodeSplashPages.

  • Must run a DHCP server.

Repeater Node


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