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The next issue is what should the ["ESSID"] be. There are two basic proposals each with their own advantages:

  1. Use www.personaltelco.net ESSID

    • pro: facilitates roaming
    • pro: is simple
    • con: causes problems with dense node population
  2. Use www.personaltelco.net/node111 as the ESSID

    • pro: doesn't assume that discrete nodes have a common backbone (which is really what the ESSID is supposed to identify)
    • pro: allows node specific information in the ESSID
    • con: breaks layer 2 roaming unless ESSID set to "Any" (which can cause problems if there are other non-personaltelco nodes around)
  3. Use 1 for nodes which are part of the WirelessCloud and 2 for nodes which are logically discrete from the rest of the network

    • pro: solves all the problems!
    • con: is more complicated
    • con: what happens as networks merge (eg. there's a NE "wireless could" and a SE "wireless cloud" that don't meet)

I prefer option 3. -- AdamShand

See also: NodeTypes, NodeStandards


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