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 * Alix 2D3 (Property of PTP)
  * (office)
  * Hostname: pie
 * Engenius ecb-3220 (Property of PTP)
  * ap1 (office) ( at 00:02:6f:49:58:21
 * Currently not operational:
  * Senao 3054 CB3 PLUS DELUXE+ (x5). (Purchased by Node Owner)
   * ap1-0 (office) ( at 00:02:6F:34:A7:69 wds connenction to 34:ab:29 and 34:b0:86
   * ap2-0 (202) ( at 00:02:6F:34:AB:29 wds connection to 34:a7:69
   * ap3-0 (302) ( at 00:02:6F:34:B0:86 wds connection to 34:b0:84 and 34:a7:69
   * ap4-0 (418) ( at 00:02:6F:34:B0:84 wds connection to 34:b0:86

  * ap3-1( at 00:02:6F:34:AB:28 has been taken out of use due to a supposed weak radio
  * settings: WDS on, DHCP off
 * Accton MR3201A (Property of PTP)
  * (office)
  * Hostname: mote
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 * AlixCab
  * OpenWrt r18781
 * AcctonCab
  * OpenWrt r33530
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 * 2012-09-28: Replaced the alix2 with an Accton MR3201A. Also looked over the building for potential to extend the network beyond the office. --RussellSenior
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I am providing client and network support to this node on a hourly basis. If any other nodes need assistance and can not wait for personaltelco to arrange a time, your welcome to contact me. 1/30/06 ToddMurray

Node name: Westover Towers
Live Date: Dec 2, 2004


Westover Towers
NW 25th and Lovejoy
Portland, OR
Map: https://cwnmyr.personaltelco.net/nodes/Westover


  • Accton MR3201A (Property of PTP)
    • (office)
    • Hostname: mote



  • 2012-09-28: Replaced the alix2 with an Accton MR3201A. Also looked over the building for potential to extend the network beyond the office. --RussellSenior

  • 2009-12-31: MarinoDuregon and I replaced the old NuCab "overlook" with an AlixCab "pie". As of today, the WDS network has fallen completely apart. It might be resurrected by revisiting each of the old Senao devices in the apartments. The office device had melted it's flame retardant block into a gooie marshmallow blob, so we replaced it with the Engenius AP we had received as a donation. The node host does not seem willing to invest any funds in making the network function better. I indicated that we would come back at a later date (with 24 hours notice for the residents with the old APs) to try to rebuild the WDS net. Nothing in particular suggests that it would work any better than it has in the past. --RussellSenior

  • 2008-03-08: 2nd floor ap: nvram settings had been reset. 3rd floor ap: unplugged. notes: after hardware reset, default login is blank name and blank password. Default IP is Manual http://www.cyberbajt.pl/download/senao/SL-3054CB3/NL-3054CB3-PLUS-Deluxe-Manual-V1-4.pdf

  • 2007-10-10: Node visited by DonPark RussellSenior and TomHiggins .. notes and pictures to follow

  • 2007-08-01: Resident of the towers reports that the AP has been non-responsive for several months now. She is requesting that someone take a look at it. Resident can be contacted at deco94123-email@yahoo.com (her name is Debbie). --GregMoore

  • 2006-06-20: complains of slow performance. I went out to visit the site and spoke with Victoria. the APs are on channel six along with a few other APs. the cement walls seem to be blocking any outside APs so interference is limited to apartment-dweller gear. moving to channel 1 or 11 may help. Also two of the APs are dripping with an ooze that looks like glue, although still functional. --DonPark

  • 2006-01-30 Performed ongoing support of the node including tuning of the network to optimize connections. The node is running nearly perfectly through 95% of the building now. 1/30/06 ToddMurray

  • 2006-01-03: Upgraded to all the latest goodies, installed and configured OLSR. Could use a reboot to take advantage of the updated kernel. (- KeeganQuinn)

System has been rebooted and is running fine. 1/30/06 ToddMurray


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