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More information is at SeattleWireless' wiki:HardwareComparison and FreeNetworks' wiki:FreeNetworks:ReceiveSensitivity page.

Also check PracticallyNetworked's [http://www.practicallynetworked.com/pg/wireless_guide_index.asp Wireless Networking Product Guide]

Also check CEWindows.net's site [http://www.cewindows.net/peripherals/pccardwirelesslan.htm listing of PC Cards].


  • These have a connector for an external antenna. (25Apr2001) Silver - 64bit WEP encryption; Gold - 128bit WEP encryption

Be careful mixing the Lucent Orinoco drivers and client software on the same computer. I have had problems under Win2k with my Orinoco cards after installing the AriRunner client software. -- LonnieWormley

Based on the Prism II chipset. (needed for use with [http://sourceforge.net/projects/airsnort AirSnort])


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