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The PePLinkWinti board is one that is found inside a SkyPilot SkyExtender DualBand, that handles local coverage. It is apparently a variant of the PePLinkManga board series. To date, we have observed two variants of the Winti board, v2.5 (all but one, so far) and v3.1 (one instance). The v3.1 is intended for use in SkyExtenders TriBand devices. The principal distinguishing characteristic is that it has two ethernet ports, presumably to enable the attachment of a third board for a 4.9 GHz radio.

It appears that sometime in May of 2006 a mind wipe at PePLink occurred, where upon the forum postings regarding the Manga/Winti development kit were expunged. Luckily, the WayBackMachine has some information.



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