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PlayDay To Do List:

DanRichardson wants to do:

  • Hook up access points, ad-hoc laptops, antennas, and generally see what all this 802.11b stuff does in the real world.
  • How many clients can really share a base station before throughput goes to hell?
  • How far does that Omni reach on different brands of base stations?
  • How many connectors can I screw up before Michael makes all my PigTail s?

  • Get 3-4 Laptops in AdHoc mode, and see if they repeat each other. If so, can #1 reach #4, what's the throughput, etc.

ErikWalthinsen wants to do:

  • Distance tests between various cards and APs with different antennae
    • Omni -> unidirectional (stratum-1 to stratum-2 connection)

    • Omni -> card (stratum-2 to stratum-3 connection)

    • Omni -> omni (same-stratum peering)

    • Card -> card (madhoc meshing)

  • Testing disjoint networks: card1 <> card2 <> card3, can card2 relay between card1 and card3?

  • Assuming the above, attempt a madhoc mesh from the main site, after determining falloff distances for various card pairs
  • I want to try putting a unidirectional and an omni on the same card. The idea would be to link the uni to a higher-stratum node, and provide omni support for the microcell surrounding the antenna. And if each node in the microcell runs madhoc and it works out properly, they can route themselves a mesh falling away from the central antenna.
  • How well a single omni can handle a decent (10ish?) number of unidirectionals pointing at it, bridging/routing between them all and the uplink
  • Putting up a temporary tower and getting other people with line-of-sight to hook up from a wider area (say, 1-2mi radius) would be the best possible demo. If we think we can pull that off, a call to the media might be in order ;-)

    • It looks like ScottMcClung will be bringing his 40ft tower along, so we've got that covered. Just need to decide what antenna goes on top, and what machine goes at the bottom

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