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 * ''There's plenty of food and dring, so please feel obliged to buy somethingthing''  * ''There's plenty of food and drink, so please feel obliged to buy something''
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* LonnieWormley (CloneArmyBox, AP-1000, WET11, IBM 21AP and power cords)
* LonnieWormley (CloneArmyBox, AP-1000, AP-2000, AP-2500, Auth Server, WET11, IBM 21AP and power cords)

[http://www.urbangrindcoffee.com Urban Grind Coffee] going to host the 2nd "Official Personal Telco Equipment PlayDay"


  • When: Saturday, April 12, 2003 Noon 4 PM

  • Who: DatNguyen and LonnieWormley

  • Slogan: Coffee, wireless, life is good!

  • Where: [http://www.urbangrindcoffee.com Urban Grind Coffee]

  • Where's That: 2214 NE Oregon, Portland, OR 97232

  • There's plenty of food and drink, so please feel obliged to buy something

Play DayN otes Two:

What's the deal: Bring yourself, bring your GEAR buy some food! If you have no gear, bring tools (wire strippers, cutters, flashlights, screwdrivers), if you have no tools, bring a set of hands to help out with! If you don't have hands, well, bring your mind, because we're going to need some people who can think as well.

Play Day Agenda Two: Meet, Greet, Plan, Deploy, Test, and then Play.

Play Day To Do Two:

Play Day Equipment Two:


Hope to see you all there!!

Attendence List: (put list of equipment in PlayDayEquipment)


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