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Headquarters for PersonalTelco, where the MonthlyMeetings take place. There's been talk of getting some PersonalTelcoRentalSpace in PDX (in case you didn't know, PDX is the portland airport's code, and the common abbreviation for the city). Portland's PioneerSquare is unwired by our first large-scale PublicAccessPoint.

Vital Statistics: BR 2001 census population (rank): 529,121 (28) (this is obviously just Portland, not the PortlandMetroArea)BR population 18+: 78.9%; 65+: 11.6% BR median age: 35.2BR Land area: 147 sq mi. (380 sq km)BR Altitude: 1073ft - sea levelBR Average daily temp: Jan 38.9°F; July 67.7°F

Famous natives include Matt Groening (of the Simpsons, Futurama, and Life in Hell), Katie Harman (Miss America 2002), Linus Pauling (the Nobel Laureate Physicist), and Gus Van Sant (the director).

A Nielson Media Research [http://portland.bizjournals.com/portland/stories/2001/04/02/daily12.html report] lists Portland as the most wired city in America, with 70% of households connected, tied approximately with Seattle. The report's from almost a year ago (03/02).


See Portland live "Sky Cams" here:BR http://www.koin.com/weather/koincams.shtml


This is quite a city.


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