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This is the beginning of a press kit. Right now it doesn't exist but if you're a member of the press, or have experience working with the press we'd love to hear what sort of information we should include here.
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 * AdamShand is the founder and now president of Personal Telco.
 * NigelBallard is the press liason.
 * MichaelWeinberg - President
 * RussellSenior - Secretary
 * TroyJaqua - Treasurer
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'''Previous Press Coverage''' '''Previous Press Coverage and Media'''
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There is a [[http://youtube.com/user/PersonalTelco | collection of videos]] and a [[http://personaltelco.net/gallery/main.php | collection of photographs]] of our activities.

Press Kit

Contact Details

There are several people who serve as media contacts with in our organization. Please see the ContactUs page for more details on how to get ahold of us.

Previous Press Coverage and Media

We keep a list of all the past stories and articles on our PressCoverage page. There you should be able to find links to all relevant articles and media clips.

There is a collection of videos and a collection of photographs of our activities.


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