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Michael Zwirn MichaelZwirn

PTP has a presence at the Psychonautical Supplies bookstore on 25th and Belmont. See [Node171].

Arg! Set sail on the good ship Medulla Oblongata.

aye-aye.BR http://ghostpriest.gay-robot.com/~aml/pns/images/pnslogoborder.gif

MichaelZwirn May 16, 12:15

Appears to work pretty well. One question: Is the node active only during business hours, or 24/7? Because this place is open only afternoons/evenings.

  • well, i mean, the node is left on. there's not a whole lot of places nearby to use it, but if you're walking or driving by, it's on. --AndrewWoods

    I doubt Brad would trip (heh) if you sat on his porch and surfed. --PatrickSullivan

MichaelZwirn June 11, 2003

As most will probably know, the owner and founder of Psychonautical passed away in Jamaica some time ago. The current owner of the coffeeshop is now Portland Coffee House, and they have maintained the wifi access, and at least 2 free internet terminals. It's still a neat place, although rather less weird.

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