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: *Register:* [http://recentchangescamp.org/Invitation free registration open now]

[http://recentchangescamp.org/ RecentChangesCamp] is an un-conference ([http://barcamp.org/ BarCamp]) of, for, and by folks who want to "build communities worth having" both online and off. This especially includes the [http://recentchangescamp.org/OpenTechnology OpenTechnology]/[http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Open_Culture/Introduction OpenCulture] movement.

We are coming together to make connections, write code, have fun, revise the [http://cyberneticroadmap.org/ CyberneticRoadmap], do as much good work as each and every one of us can … and then go home more connected, more energized and more capable of building great communities and the tools they depend on. Bring your friends and join a good party that's growing even better!

: *What:* RecentChangesCamp 2006 ... Building communities worth having

: *When:* February 3-5, 2006

: *Where:* [http://recentchangescamp.org/PortlandOregon PortlandOregon] and [http://recentchangescamp.org/LocationInEurope LocationInEurope]

: *Format:* [http://recentchangescamp.org/OpenSpaceTechnology OpenSpace]

: *Register:* [http://recentchangescamp.org/Invitation free registration open now]


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