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 * [http://cs.nmu.edu/~SeniorProjects/jolkonen/Jason%20Olkonen%20-%20Senior%20Project%20Paper.pdf Physical search algorithm project]
 * [http://www.ticgen.com/ TIC Ringrotor]
 * [http://www.portlandrobotics.org/ Portland Area Robotics Society]
 * [http://www.smithstuff.net/steercan/Steercan.htm Steerable 802.11 Cantenna]
 * [[http://cs.nmu.edu/~SeniorProjects/jolkonen/Jason%20Olkonen%20-%20Senior%20Project%20Paper.pdf|Physical search algorithm project]]
 * [[http://www.ticgen.com/|TIC Ringrotor]]
 * [[http://www.portlandrobotics.org/|Portland Area Robotics Society]]
 * [[http://www.smithstuff.net/steercan/Steercan.htm|Steerable 802.11 Cantenna]]
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 * [http://mechatronics.mech.nwu.edu/mechatronics/design_ref/actuators/servo_motor_intro.html Servo Motor Introduction]
 * [http://www.google.com/search?q=servo+controller Googlin' for Servo Controller]
 * [http://www.ircwcc.org/manual/WATERPROOF/SERVOS.HTM Waterproofing Servos]
 * [[http://mechatronics.mech.nwu.edu/mechatronics/design_ref/actuators/servo_motor_intro.html|Servo Motor Introduction]]
 * [[http://www.google.com/search?q=servo+controller|Googlin' for Servo Controller]]
 * [[http://www.ircwcc.org/manual/WATERPROOF/SERVOS.HTM|Waterproofing Servos]]

I'm considering building a robotic antenna. At the moment I'm wondering how to mount a directional other than at the top of the pole for two degrees of freedom?

General Ideas

  • Physical search algorithm project

  • TIC Ringrotor

  • Portland Area Robotics Society

  • Steerable 802.11 Cantenna

  • Has anyone figured out a mounting system for yagis and parabolics? I am currently experimenting with a servo implementation using JavaComm fed through a contoller board, I plan to wrap this with a servlet so that the antenna can be driven from a browser. The 'Physical search algorithm project' offers no details on the mounting assembly, except stating that it was derived from FischerTechnik parts. - Ian iwilsnATyahoo

  • You could use an old Pan Tilt head for a security camara. Could even still have the camara so you could see were you are pointing. - ShawnWelter

Learning about Servos


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