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Name: Scott McClung BR Email: scott@personaltelco.netBR Phone: (503)738-6490 Home

  • (503)440-1555 Cell

Currently working on getting a node up in Seaside :)BR Ahhhh, sitting on the beach surfin the net...

Things to do:

  • Sand-proof the laptop ;)

  • Convince Adam to come to Seaside and setup my Linux server. (haha)
    • gimme a place to stay and that shouldn't be too hard :-) Adam.

  • Clean up the tower and repaint it.
  • Pour a 24"x24" slab for the tower to sit on.


  • "ERWIN" - Emergency Response Wireless Internet Node. (or something like that)BR Get sponsership to build a couple of units similiar to the [http://www.wireless-telecom.com/mtu.htm MTU] that Wireless-Telcom makes. These would be built for the purpose of providing communications infastructure at disaster sites. Having two or three units would allow for "feeding" the signal into difficult to reach areas in a "chain-like" deployment. It would be a waste to let these units sit idle between emergencies, so they could be used to provide free internet access at public events. This would allow for exposure to the project and how it works for the benifit of the community. This is a brainstorm inspired by the TWC tragedy and the conversation on the nycwireless mailing list.

The list of all the pages I've contributed to:



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