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Email: rogueleader at rebelspy dot net [[BR]] Email: shawn.welter at gmail dot com [[BR]]

Name: Shawn Welter BR Email: shawn.welter at gmail dot com BR

Node Info: Node654

I live in Vancouver, Wa near I-205 and Burton rd.

Projects I am working on:

  • Video of my CPE box construction
    • 14dbi patch antenna with weather proof compartment
    • WET11
    • POE injector
    • Space for an AP and short lead to external Omni for coverage extension


  • Video documentry of key aspects of PersonalTelco

    • We should make how to videos
    • Document the next major node install
    • Connection tutorials and help videos
    • VCD, DVD for people to pick up and take home

The list of all the pages I've contributed to:



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