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 ==== Gear ====

PersonalTelco is offering to sponsor wireless gear to maintain a permanent link. Home brew antennae.

Victoria to Port Angeles Wireless Link Party

Port Angeles

Possible Locations

PersonalTelco is offering to sponsor wireless gear to maintain a permanent link. Home brew antennae.

Vancouver Island

The Victoria Telecommunity Network and the BC Wireless Project are working on this as a joint project. Many thanks to the VTN for their willingness to help us with this project.

Possible Locations

  • Gonzales Observatory;
  • Mount Tolmie
    • Latitude: 48.45655
    • Longitude: -123.3259
    • Elevation: 112 meters
    • Located in Saanich, also City property.
  • Dominion Observatory aka: The Center of the Universe
    • Site A (Lower Scope)
      • Latitude: 48.52075
      • Longitude: -123.4193
      • Elevation: 183 meters
    • Site B (Administrative offices)
      • Latitude: 48.5192
      • Longitude: -123.4166
      • Elevation: 193 meters
    • Federal land, also a historic site.
  • Mount Douglas (approximated)
    • Latitude: 48.49414
    • Longitude: -123.3478
    • Elevation: 208 meters
    • Problems: Conservation society doesn't like antennas, lots of commercial antennas already up there.
  • Other site considerations: The West Coast Amateur Radio Association may have repeater sites we could hitch ROW off of.



  • Lets try to do 802.11b also, just in case the 802.11a stuff doesn't work out
    • A should be doable, if we have some nice antennas, and possibly a social "debate" on whether to use closed-source software or not.
  • Power sources are questionable, need generators and UPS probably
  • Need tested, pre-configured software and hardware
    • Configure routers with routes and IPs
    • Configure radio cards with proper channel assignments
    • Test end-to-end connectivity up close
  • Network diagrams
    • Just some well documented diagrams so we know what the heck we're doing
  • Communication between the two sites
    • amateur
    • cellular
      • International calls need to be made, can be expensive
      • Need a list of phone numbers in case of lost radio contact


  • Unavailibility among SWN people during this holiday (maybe another weekend in July)
  • SWN and PTP people should plan to stay the night in this area
  • Food, water, shelter, activities, socials, schedules, equipment, etc. details


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