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          Thats how I know its legal and encouraged to use this access point."           Thats how I know this access point is
           available for use by the public
Educational Video
19 Aug 2005

Title: How to connect to a personal telco hotspot using Ubuntu
Audience: End-users, some windows or os x or linux experience

Start outside the cafe, with area citizen walking down the sidewalk.
As the citizen walks past a cafe, a PTP sticker in the window is

Citizen: "This cafe has free wireless internet - lets stop in and
get on the net!"

Citizen walks up to the counter to order a coffee drink.

Citizen: "Hi. I'll take a mocha please"
Barrista: "Okay, that'll be right up."

Citizen walks over to a table and gets out the laptop.
He boots the laptop. Show the ubuntu boot messages.
Log in to ubuntu, start AP radar. Select a wireless
access point. 

Start firefox, get the splash page.

Citizen: "This is a Personal Telco Node. 
          Thats how I know this access point is 
           available for use by the public."

Citizen clicks on I Agree on the splash page, then selects the original destination.
The original destination comes up.

Citizen: "That was easy!"

End of video

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