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'''LinuxFund:''' 14th January 2003 [[BR]]
'''Scribe:''' AaronJohnson [[BR]]
'''LinuxFund:''' 14th January 2003 <<BR>>
'''Scribe:''' AaronJohnson <<BR>>

LinuxFund: 14th January 2003
Scribe: AaronJohnson
Time: 19:05pm - 20:05pm


Role call: Dave J.,Alina J., SamChurchill, Dat N., LonnieWormley, DonPark, Darrin E., AdamShand, JerrittCollord, Nat P., AaronJohnson


  • Meeting note archival - where to put them, on the wiki. (5 min)
    • board members present notes must be kept.
    • concern about wiki as an archival system for meeting notes.
    • retro active weekly notes (alina's white paper notes)
  • Coffee time - darrin (10 min)
    • dsl setup, who does it?
    • up front cost, ok.
    • ptp markup cost.
    • darrin will call speakeasy and order dsl for coffee time
  • New node queue - Lonnie || Alina (15 min)

    • alina can read info @ mail.personaltelco.net port 465 ssl
    • delegate switch splash contact from ops to info (adam will ask drew)
    • (adam) will update nodedb.com point to info instead of ops.
    • 8 in queue for new nodes, spread sheet lonnie has.
    • (darrin) offered to contribute funds to replace pchs hardware with soekris.
  • Node rant (clarification) - adam (15 min)
    • admin list confusion, in the past week...
    • emphasize enabling people to setup their own nodes.
    • ops only does nodes when its not DIY feasible.
    • ops focus on education of community NOT network maintainers
  • PCS 2.4.20 upgrade schedule - aaron && brian (1 min)

    • darrin development, hardware will soon change at pchs to soekris this trumps plans to upgrade CAB in place.
  • NoCatAuth replacement possibilities - adam (30 sec)

  • Easy to use web site - tom (10 min)
    • compromise disorganized but good wiki content and a static
    • wiki frame work, login to get the old website.
    • encourage tom to continue work on set of static pages. several in attendance expressed indifference (meaning tom can go ahead with implicit consent instead of waiting for approval from ops or admin)
  • Darrin working on antennae proposal code named StumpTown.

Next meeting:



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