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## Add Wiki location make sure there is a page with address ## Add Wiki location make sure there is a page with address 
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'''Actual Start Time:''' 7:12 PM [[BR]]
## wiki name of notetaker (your name)
'''Actual Start Time:''' 7:12 PM [[BR]]   
## wiki name of notetaker (your name) 
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'''Agenda:''' '''Agenda:'''   
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 * Come to concensus on number of official meetings per month. Allow maximum participation. Pros/cons.  * Come to concensus on number of official meetings per month. Allow maximum participation. Pros/cons. 
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Location: LinuxFund LabsBR

Date: 11 March 2003BR Planned Start Time:7 PM BR

Actual Start Time: 7:12 PM BR

Scribe: AdamShand BR Role call: DonPark, SethShikora, DarrinEden, LucasSheehan, EugeneKeam, DaveJensen, NigelBallard, AdamShand, BrianBeattie, LonnieWormley, AndrewWoods, JerrittCollord, AaronJohnson, NatPowning BR


  • darrin/adam - report on adhocracy koolaid.
    • this was fyi item. no significant questions. hope to have soemthing to show at monthly. to be clear, this is for node building that happens outside of ptp (http://www.decentric.com/l). voted that it would be released under gpl.

  • nodedb - open source status.
    • jerritt will ping rich re. nocat mapping project.
  • ops team - rumors of death severly exagerated.
    • heads up.
  • bewitched/marbles/pebble - what/where/who/when.
    • brian cont. to be maintainer. mail improvements directly to him.
  • Pioneer Square node brownouts: root cause analysis, action list for improvements with assignments. CF partition scheme to segment /var and /var/log from /
    • adam mailed logrotate chanages to ops. brian will integrate.
  • lucas - nagios disk space monitoring
    • should be done tomorrow.
  • CSS splash page update from Drew. Urban Grind splash/status pages are non-CSS based.
    • drew will have official ptp splash page proposal for next meeting.
  • Brian B suggested longer weekly meetings (2hr). How about 1 hr standard meeting with a hack session following for those who need to discuss. Does this jive with Jerritt? Different location for second hour?
    • meetings start at 6:30pm, 1 hour agenda (no discussion items), discussion items (means something without action_ follow in informal bs session afterward.
  • Come to concensus on number of official meetings per month. Allow maximum participation. Pros/cons.
  • Adam - new node reports/status ... spb soekris? ecotrust?
    • spb, nat says soekris is ready. adam will cordinate installation, defer installation for one week, pending stabilization on pncs node. drew will install, eugene will apprentice.
    • adam briefed on ecotrust.

Next meeting:



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