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'''Location:''' LinuxFund [[BR]] '''Location:''' LinuxFund <<BR>>
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'''Date:''' 15 April 2003 [[BR]]
'''Planned Start Time:''' 6:30 PM [[BR]]
'''Date:''' 15 April 2003 <<BR>>
'''Planned Start Time:''' 6:30 PM <<BR>>
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'''Actual Start Time:''' 6:55 PM [[BR]] '''Actual Start Time:''' 6:55 PM <<BR>>
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'''Scribe:''' Don Park [[BR]]
'''Role call:''' [[BR]]
'''Scribe:''' Don Park <<BR>>
'''Role call:''' <<BR>>

Location: LinuxFund

Date: 15 April 2003
Planned Start Time: 6:30 PM

Actual Start Time: 6:55 PM

Scribe: Don Park
Role call:


I just got back from tonight's weekly meeting. Here is what happened.

Pio Sq reinstall - Brian B. is going to build a new image, based on the urban grind install. Then it will be checked out for completness and installed next week.

Content Management System - some good discussion about what web framework to move to so we can implement the next iteration of the personal telco website.

Going into this discussion we all agreed that CSS and Postgresql are cool. What we need is wiki functionality and custom interactive apps such as the map server and member roster maintenance.

We started the talk with languages. There are many skilled developers in our group, but the common thread was python. Most everyone had an interest in python. Our current moinmoin wiki is already written in python. We looked at how python modules can be written for moinmoin, but it wasnt written as a general framework. Zope was shown off and the general feeling at the end of the meeting is that Plone (plone.org) for interactive applications and ZWiki (zwiki.org) as our wiki could work together since they both are Zope apps and this route is our best direction forward.

Nothing was finalized. Adam said he'd get zope, plone, and zwiki on bone (there are deb packages) so we can take a closer look.



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