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 * Role call: AaronJohnson, LucasSheehan, BrianBeattie, DarrinEden, LonnieWormley  * Role call: AaronBaer, LucasSheehan, BrianBeattie, DarrinEden, LonnieWormley

Meeting Details

Long Term Projects or Unclaimed Ideas

In the Queue

New Items for Discussion

  • Play day
    • Play day coordinator will be defined
  • West Hills relay
    • Michel's donation of Soekris
    • We need to educate and provide free internet access using wireless technologies.
      • How to get funds for sector antenna.

Resolved Items and Notes

  • PCS
    • Reinstalled 7/28/03
  • BrianBeattie: New module package to resolve Soekris/HostAp issues.

  • DonPark: Relocate bone to Color Technology. Will notify via maillist and web site.

  • AndrewWoods: New splash pages. Roll out on PioneerSquare, Hostel, Heaven, South Park Blocks. Get to Brian for BeWitched

  • SomeBody/LonnieWormley - New web site look'n'feel. Work with TomHiggins for access.

  • NatPowning: Rocky Butte Access Point hardware and setup. Have all the parts together.

  • DonPark: Will finish membership roster for the May monthly.

=== Open Discussion ====

Next Meeting Details


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