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Meeting Details

Old Business

  • PGE Park Gateway
  • Rocky Butte Node
  • West Hills Node - ask KristopherBarrett

  • Move PTP site to Zope/Plone

Resolved Items and Notes

  • ***VIDEO SHOOT*** for tv.seattlewireless segment. We need to devote an hour to making this happen
  • TomOffermann Monitoring, Logging and Gathering Stats on PTP Nodes. DonPark is working with him on getting conformance on the public nodes.

  • Removed Portland Coffee House (formerly psychonautical) from hotspot node list. they're not a PTP node.
  • Play Day Coordinator - Dat has been elected. Dat says Playday postponed until September - date TBA.
  • PTP /Staged site edits put into production - LonnieWormley has rolled them into production

Next Meeting Details

  • Location:
  • Date: 18 Aug 2003
  • Planned Start Time: 6:30PM
  • Facilitator: DarrinEden

  • Scribe:


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