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 * PGE Park Gateway - DonPark DaveJensen
 * Rocky Butte Node - Connect to KristopherBarrett, reminder to the general list
 * West Hills Node - KristopherBarrett, Dat's friend appartment
 * Move PTP site to Zope/Plone - needs a champion. possibly use separate packages + moinmoin instead of a new system. OpenGroupware suggested by AaronJohnson
 * ***VIDEO SHOOT*** for tv.seattlewireless segment. footage taped and sent to SWN. video should be available tomorrow.
 * TomOffermann Monitoring, Logging and Gathering Stats on PTP Nodes. DonPark is working with him on getting conformance on the public nodes. KeeganQuinn suggest WonderShaper on pioneer square. Aaron J says the UrbanGrind can be maintianed by the ops team.
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 * LocalContent on nodes  * LocalContent on nodes - BrianBeattie mentions reliability issues. SMB, apt-proxy,
 * NodeAudit - record version of all nocat boxes DonPark
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 * Removed Portland Coffee House (formerly psychonautical) from hotspot node list. they're not a PTP node.
 * Play Day Coordinator - Dat has been elected. Dat says Playday postponed until September - date TBA.
 * PTP /Staged site edits put into production - LonnieWormley has rolled them into production

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  • Date: 09 Sep 2003
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