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 * Nigel has a lead on a new node at a local icecream parlor

Meeting Details

Resolved Business

  • ITEC report? Thanks to everyone who helped out.
  • A local business has a large quantity of equipment they would like to donate. update: TomHiggins is coordinating the use of his van to transport one refridgerator sized computer and 20 mac 7200 boxes.

  • KeeganQuinn suggests that the last meeting of the year and perhaps the meeting on the 23rd should be cancelled to allow everyone time for holidays and projects. update: Monthly is already canceled. Weekies can continue, very informal.

New Business

  • TomHiggins suggests a Grant Writing Force be formed from interested members as a sort of study group/action team to learn how to do grant writting and how to get them to the right parties. The goal would be to actualy do a few simple grant projects at first (freegeek) and then work up to larger ones. Its a skill the PTP could use.

Old Business

  • Nigel has a lead on a new node at a local icecream parlor
  • DarrinEden: Needs to put together a team to do a site survey and potentially long-range link testing from the roof of his office building. update: SeanWelter can help with climbing gear.

  • TomFitz and KeeganQuinn: Automated database to facilitate generating statistics. Discussion concludes that individual users must not be identified, but data could potentially be useful and interesting. Detailed data should probably not be publically accessible. Anyone interested in an implementation?

  • KeeganQuinn: Returning P-Com equipment to the owners. They are going to contact people about selling it. RickLindahl may know of potential buyers.

  • AaronBaer: La Dolce Vita cafe installation update: everything is all planned out. KeeganQuinn will provide a crossover cable and a switch to complete the hardware installation.

  • KeeganQuinn suggests holding a wireless summit in Summer 2004. Response is positive. More planning to take place in 2004.

  • KeeganQuinn is interested in doing a satellite dish modification workshop involving 2.4 GHz and/or 5.8 GHz bands based on Trevor Marshall's bi-quad design with Primestar and possibly DirecTV/Dish Networks reflectors. AaronBaer and TomFitz both volunteer locations. Planning to hold the event in February, after TomHiggins' January installfest.

  • DonPark and TomHiggins wonder what's going on with the NewCloneArmyBox stash; KeeganQuinn agrees to take an inventory when he picks up his next batch.

  • DonPark is going to look into using the PTP van. He decided not to pursue it much further, the main issue being cost of operations. TomFitz, KeeganQuinn, and Carl volunteer gas money. TomHiggins will look into insurance.

  • RobertPetersen: "How do we market to newbs?" Work in progress.

  • TomHiggins: Databases - postponed until after ITEC.

  • TomHiggins: Suggests the use of available machines that are not useful as APs as community-accessible client devices. Consensus is that it's a good idea and that there is a need for such machines to be able to run the X window system. TomHiggins will talk to Joe from FreeGeek about this at or around ITEC.

    • -A good hardware grant with clear plan for use of the gear is what FreeGeek is looking for. Such grant writting projects would net us some gear and experience with grant writting.(tomhiggins)

  • NewCloneArmyBox standardization; see NewCloneArmyInstallMethodology wiki page. KeeganQuinn estimates an automated installation image will be finished sometime early next year.


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