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* * Steps are being taken to resovle some name related concerns.

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{{<tomwsmf> Grant Writing Force is being formedup {{{<tomwsmf> Grant Writing Force is being formedup
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<judah> 3 or 4 right now.} <judah> 3 or 4 right now.}}}

Meeting Details

  • Location: #ptp on irc.freenode.net
  • Date: 06 Jan 2004
  • Planned Start Time: 6:30PM
  • Actual Start Time:
  • End Time:
  • Facilitator:
  • Scribe:
  • Role call:

New Business

  • <luckymike> one fyi is that Aaron and I successfully submitted the form for registering Personal Telco as our service mark in the state of Oregon

{{{<don_o> thats great <KarolKulaga> luckymike good <KarolKulaga> so we don't have crap like seattlewireless.com popping up <keegan> ...or personaltelco.com <judah> we already have that crap popping up. that's why we're doing it. }}}

* Steps are being taken to resovle some name related concerns.

Resolved Business

Old Business

(no change 01/06/04)

  • NigelBallard if leading coffee shop in sellwood, ice cream parlor downtown, bar near PSU and the mall in the suburbs.(no change 01/06/04)

  • TomFitz and KeeganQuinn: Automated database to facilitate generating statistics. Discussion concludes that individual users must not be identified, but data could potentially be useful and interesting. update: MAC address tracking/NoCat logs. looking for volunteers (Change 01/06/04)--

{{{<keegan> i have some ideas on how to use nocatauth to export xml statistics <keegan> it may be useful in the interim <luckymike> do you have a plan for implementation? <keegan> my ideas involve implementation directly <keegan> but i have no timeline and there's not really much interest <luckymike> so is this on hold until a final solution is determined? <keegan> i'd say it's on hold until someone cares enough to even talk about it, or until there is an excess in free time .. <keegan> seattlewireless has Really Cool Shit <musashi> http://stats.seattlewireless.net/ <keegan> http://www.caseyhalverson.com/wispot/}}}

  • KeeganQuinn suggests holding a wireless summit in Summer 2004. Response is positive. More planning to take place in 2004. update: Nigel suggests using the MarkSpencer. TomFitz says it needs sponsorship. (Change 01/06/04)

{{{<judah> we should start thinking about how to maybe get a sponser or three <luckymike> anyone who has sponsor ideas should probably pass them along to keegan (the proposer of the event) and eugene, aye? don_o> wait a sec. the wireless summit is just a way to get members <don_o> of different groups together. its low key. <don_o> its not a wireless _conference_ like freenetworks is trying <don_o> to do. <luckymike> looks like we need a brief discussion on this point <don_o> it just needs someone's basement and a lot of beer. <don_o> at least thats what they were in the past. <luckymike> don_o: so you feel it does not need sponsors? <don_o> luckymike, not any more than the playdays need sponsors. <tomwsmf> or installfests <don_o> a backyard will do. <KarolKulaga> well, perhaps <luckymike> I think that we were envisioning something more formal <keegan> haha, yeah, if anyone has money they should probably give it straight to our lawyers ;) <luckymike> and there is some benefit to taht <KarolKulaga> for renting a convention hall or what not <lizard> a summer bbq in a nice portland park <don_o> what advantage would there be to space that costs money? <luckymike> the proposed space was the Mark Spencer, which is a very reasonably priced hotel in Downtown <luckymike> the advantage is that it would attract more professional folks <judah> arbor lodge... aaron house.. big bar'b'que.. <KarolKulaga> or that . . . I suppose if someone else is paying for it, it doesn't really count as paying money <judah> wireless.. <don_o> what professional folks? this is membership from disparate groups getting together. <keegan> the point of the summit is not to attract professional folks <tomwsmf> I think if no one is going to stand and take on the sponsorhip thing then it should be a trad gathering of the tribes, maybe with some events worked in <keegan> that is the point of itec <keegan> we just want to chill with some other geeks <judah> it's about wireless community groups like us <KarolKulaga> well, we could "invite" Dvorak <tomwsmf> Maybe if folks want to do the corp sponsorship thing they can coordinate somthing wiht a show like OReiley <luckymike> oh then, forget sponsorship and we'll do it in a backyard <don_o> what happened to www.freenetworks.org? <musashi> So just for clarification the wireless summit is differnet from what dje was talking about in Canada around the 4th of July right? <don_o> musashi, yes totally different. <musashi> thx. <don_o> is anyone on the metalist? is freenetworks.org dead? <tomwsmf> Givent eh amount of work we have on our plates already I really dont see a sponosrhips. coordinated events thing happening this year}}}

  • KeeganQuinn is interested in doing a satellite dish modification workshop involving 2.4 GHz and/or 5.8 GHz bands based on Trevor Marshall's bi-quad design with Primestar and possibly DirecTV/Dish Networks reflectors. AaronBaer and TomFitz both volunteer locations. Planning to hold the event in February, after TomHiggins' January installfest. update: AaronBaer says Jan31st for research day, then feb for actual event. (on track to happen 01/06/04)

  • TomFitz, KeeganQuinn, and Carl volunteer gas money for the PTP Van. TomHiggins will look into insurance. update: still need VIN, etc. AaronBaer says owner must insure. Nigel says last insurance cost $312 for 6 months. Shawn will look into insurance "deals". (no change 01/06/04)

  • TomHiggins: Suggests the use of available machines that are not useful as APs as community-accessible client devices. Consensus is that it's a good idea and that there is a need for such machines to be able to run the X window system. TomHiggins will talk to Joe from FreeGeek about this at or around ITEC. The CityRepair project may help with making kiosk boxes. (no change 01/06/04)

  • A good hardware grant with clear plan for use of the gear is what FreeGeek is looking for. Such grant writing projects would net us some gear and experience with grant writing. (Change 01/06/04)

{{{<tomwsmf> Grant Writing Force is being formedup <KarolKulaga> re: grants, perhaps we should have a new mailing list for it? <tomwsmf> there should be something to announce at the Monthly <KarolKulaga> ok <judah> grant writing force is meeting soon. <judah> KarolKulaga: NO! <luckymike> I think a new mailing list would be appropriate after the monthly meeting and it's subsequent announcements * judah will fight tooth and nail for adding more mailing lists. <KarolKulaga> ok, but some other way to communicate than the public list <judah> for a grant writing commity.. i see no reason. <luckymike> judah: you mean you'll fight tooth and nail against it <judah> yes.. to: cc: <judah> yes against it. <judah> and reply to all <KarolKulaga> I dont think we need to add more noise to the list personally, but whatever <KarolKulaga> how many people do we have roughly btw? <Rob_AP> perhaps notes and monthlies could have an additional tag in the subject? <judah> 3 or 4 right now.}}}


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