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 * AndrewWoods is to procure a HONK .wav for realtime cryptography monitoring purposes.

Meeting Details

  • Location: OpenOregon

  • Date: February 10, 2004
  • Planned Start Time: 6:30PM
  • Actual Start Time:
  • End Time:
  • Facilitator:
  • Scribe:
  • Role call:

New Business

  • AndrewWoods is to procure a HONK .wav for realtime cryptography monitoring purposes.

  • New Nodes Roll Call... Put up a new node in the last week or so? have a node planne for the next week or so. List it here and any issuse,needs or questions about them.
    • Red And Black - Tom Higgins - Getting close, working with Richard from FreeGeek.

  • BI-QUAD antenna build fest was a go. We successfully built the bi-quad however the dish never arrived so that will be adapted soon. Good things were discovered that will help during the main Antenna Build workshop. AaronBaer The date for the main Antenna Build Workshope is _ and will be at _

  • Web Based IRC client to be set up by KarolKulaga

  • Hawthorne Hostel Roof Node and the Amazing Powering Down Gremlins in the existing Hostel Node.
  • TomFitz - SMTP auth Web Mail on bone?? Don says TomFitz will install squirlmail on bones. squirrelmail is, waiting on ssl key. ssl key on the todo list.

  • TomFitz - Biz cards. We need business cards. Blank cards and cards for all of the people on the contact page. Good Idea. Someone needs to design them or use the old design and modify.

  • Rocky Butte seems to be down. There are no longer any beacon packets flying eastward towards KeeganQuinn's house. Please Help. -- Need more info about problem maybe. Why is it down. Can someone drive by and check if it is up or down? It seems that Rocky Butte has been plugged in once again. Hope is to confirm very soon.

Resolved Business

Old Business

  • AaronBaer working with http://portland.indymedia.org individuals (no change 01/20/04)

  • NigelBallard is working on nodes that include a coffee shop in sellwood, ice cream parlor downtown, bar near PSU and the mall in the suburbs. (Change 01/20/04) per TomFitz. The mall has the hardware

  • TomFitz and KeeganQuinn: Automated database to facilitate generating statistics. Discussion concludes that individual users must not be identified, but data could potentially be useful and interesting. update: MAC address tracking/NoCat logs. looking for volunteers (Change 01/06/04)-- KeeganQuinn nocatauth to export xml statistics, it may be useful in the interim. seattlewireless has Really Cool Shit http://stats.seattlewireless.net/ http://www.caseyhalverson.com/wispot/ (Change 01/13/04) Contact as been made with Casey Halverson. The data scheme is being looked at. Ideas were tossed around on a new database for storing node info, and what is needed for in-house and public consumption. (no change 01/20/04)

  • KeeganQuinn suggests holding a wireless summit in Summer 2004. (Change 01/20/04) Talked about what month to hold this. May? April? Sooner or later? Tentative date last weekend in april

  • KeeganQuinn would really like to get half a dozen NuCABs out of his basement. Aaron, Nigel, Tom - installation dates for prospective nodes would be very welcome. -- TomFitz says these will be moved out to new nodes. ShawnWelter asks if we can prep all of them for use as nodes and then store them somewhere?

  • TomFitz - We Need a slide show, info and a person to give presentation for possible nodes in north Portland in Mississippi area. Possible roof access on top of recycle center. IF we can do a good demo this would be a great area to expand into. For more info contact TomFitz. TomHiggins has done a slideshow for ITEC2003 , there is a swf and ppt of it in the download section with a open office version on its way, contact him for more info on this. Presentation was given. One node was installed 2/3/2004.

  • Don - Tech plan. Three pieces to his plan. Hot spots and their dev/deployment, PTPnet (many possibilities) , web software devlopment (node stats, Nodedb replacement?, moinmoni to plone.) Don will elaborate. Bold.. Go for it! Jerrit had conversation with Don at the Bi-Quad fest regarding an upgrade of moinmoin and focus on

building the user database.


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