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 * 146 LaDolceVita Replacement -  * 146 LaDolceVita Replacement - Aaron and Rennet will fix it up by Friday

Meeting Details

  • Location: Hawthorne Hostel, Node143, 3031 SE Hawthorne
  • Date: 07 Sep 2004
  • Planned Start Time: 6:30PM
  • Actual Start Time:
  • Facilitator: RobertPetersen

  • Scribe: TomHiggins

  • Role call:

Old Business

  • New Nodes.
  • Nocturnal?
  • 24th and Burnside?
  • Le Dolce?

New Business

  • RT tickets
  • PersonalTelco University

  • Finance Committee
  • Node Maintenance
  • Education Month

Resolved Items and Notes

6:33 meeting called

PTU - DarrenEden - We are about to finish the reservation for a classroom at Portland Statue University to start classes starting on Sept 13 for 8 consecutives Mondays (6:30 to 8 pm). Students are to be picked by the area captains, 3 each so 15 students for the first class.

Stephane - We need help to address issue with nodes. We are asking for members to step up and learn the skills to keep the PTPnet going and build it out. We use a ticket tracking system called [http://www.personaltelco.net/RT RT] to show the issues we have open, the priorities and track who is working on what. The issues that need working on now are...

  • 106 Stumptown Belmont - Nat and/or Paul will be contacted by TomHiggins to do a site survey.

  • 87 Powells Tech - DSL is almost in.
  • 146 LaDolceVita Replacement - Aaron and Rennet will fix it up by Friday

  • 135 OpenVPN Quaga Doc and hands on - we need to shanghi Jimmy and Aaron to do a learning night.

Node Status

  • Nocturnal has a nucab and is waiting for dsl, which has been ordered and will be put in any minute now.

Next Meeting Details

  • Location:
  • Date: 14 Sep 2004
  • Planned Start Time: 6:30PM
  • Facilitator: RobertPetersen

  • Scribe:


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