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 * Planned Start Time: 6:30PM  * Start Time: 6:30PM
 * End Time: 7:20PM

Meeting Details

Old Business

  • RT tickets
  • PersonalTelco University

  • Node Maintenance
  • Education Month

New Business

  • WRT/ewrt workshop
  • FreeGeek Fair

  • Grant Proposal

Resolved Items and Notes

  • MichaelWeinberg is having a change of proffesion, which will help the PTP as he will be doing a fair amount of GrantDevelopment

  • FreeGeek Fair - PTP declines attending.

  • Raffle Tickets - Please contact MichaelWeinberg with sold ticket numbers and requests for more.

  • WRT/EWRT Workshop - Its on the decks for next week, date time TBD
  • RT issues
    • Possible Crema issue comming up.
    • Pick up the ptp.org domain, coordinate with EugenLeam to pass on domain account info

    • Stumptown Blemont install, cooridante with Portland IndiMedia

    • NE Node - TomFitz

    • Node maintanence - please post any node needs to RT or alert the GeneralList and we will get it on the ToDo List

    • Backspace needs some rearrangment of its network - AndrewWoods or AaronBaer

Next Meeting Details

  • Location: Backspace
  • Date:
  • Planned Start Time: 6:30PM
  • Facilitator: RobertPetersen

  • Scribe:


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