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Meeting Details

Old Business

  • NA

New Business

  • Working on making an ["OpenWRT"] with NoCat, Quagga, etc etc to replace the stock WRT at Stumptown Belmont Node623

  • Tossed around some ideas to get the PTP brand and message out to more end users.
  • AaronBaer showed off the swank new Metrix Mk I he got in the mail.

Resolved Items and Notes

  • An OpenWRT box was created with Node623 's setup. Sometime in the next week we will head down there to do a survey, make sure the right settings are in place and make the transfer. Once it tests out OK we will set up the orginal WRT with the new firmware/settings and set it up in its final configuration.
    • If at all possible coverage of the park connected to Sunnyside Elementary will be attempted. TomHiggins as a 7db omni he is willing to use towards this goal

Next Meeting Details

  • Location: ["Node236"]
  • Date: 20041229 (tentative)
  • Planned Start Time: 6:00PM
  • Facilitator: TomHiggins

  • Scribe:


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