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How to do something with RoofNet...

Place and time: Old Town Pizza, 226 NW Davis, 24 August 2005 BR Scribe: CalebPhillips BR Scheduled Time: 18-August-2005 Start: 18:30:00 PDT End: 19:30:00 PDT

Roll call: DonPark, MichaelWeinberg, CalebPhillips, DatNguyen, Cameron, Keegan, AaronBaer


  • None really


Miscellaneous ramblings about the types of things that geeks talk about: antenna towers, handheld devices, rfid, bluetooth, coup de'etat, and stealing pizza.

Short discussion of ways to do an inventory of PTP hardware, or at least the communal library.

Don does a poll of who at the meeting is on the Ops list, and adds Cameron and CalebPhillips.

Pioneer Square? Keegan, MichaelWeinberg, and Tyler tested out a lead in the Fox Tower, only to find that the windows block EF very effectively. Apparently, there is another lead that DonPark is going to look into. MichaelWeinberg also has a lead, DonPark and him are going to look into this one tomorrow.

Discussion with Dat about some computers that he has for the project, but we are awaiting for TomHiggins to finish moving so that they can be stashed at his place.

Cameron wants to do some experimentation in his neighborhood and build a node.

Aaron and Don discuss finances, specifically concerning Aaron's resignation.

What's going on with servers? Bone is going away, Donk is taking over. Perhaps Filth can host Don's streaming PTP TV brainchild. Also, discussion of where shell accounts should be, and to whom they should be given.

What about local content? Specifically for the MGP...?

Dat suggests getting MGP businesses to pitch in for a WillyWeek or Mercury full-page-add that advertises free wifi and lists businesses.

How to do something with RoofNet...

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