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  * Lisp and Scheme ;)

Place and time: NodeWSMF (aka Tom's house) BR Scribe: CalebPhillips BR Scheduled Time: 12-October-2005 Start: 18:30:00 PDT End: 19:30:00 PDT

Roll call: DonPark, KeeganQuinn, CalebPhillips, RussellSenior, TomHiggins, RobertPeterson, MikeWeinberg, Bernie


  • nope


(this is being filled in 3 days later, so excuse inaccuracies and missing info)

  • Discussion of today's MGP work
  • Planning for next MGP attempt
  • Discussion of new server location/access
  • Discussion of PTP mission and how it is being served
  • PTPu Planning
  • Lisp and Scheme ;)

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