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 * DogfishHeadIPA++
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 * Request Tracker - Currently researching using Trac as a request tracker.

Location: NodeMashTunBR Date and Time: Wednesday, February 1st at 6:30pmBR Scribe: CalebPhillipsBR Roll Call: RussellSenior, TroyJaqua, CalebPhillips



  • DogfishHeadIPA++
  • Discuss Irvington Park Drama
  • NodeMashTun is broken again, but isn't managed by NOT, so I guess we can't fix it :(.

  • RussellSenior sets up a repeater as Proof-of-concept, we use it to connect instead.

  • Some discussion of WGT versus WRT (and eWRT versus OpenWRT on the topic of NVRAM usage)
  • Grants
    • HP Grant?
      • Seems like we should apply for it as long as there are no strings attached. Majority of attendees decide that none of us know anything about grant writing, so MichaelWeinberg should do it.

    • Cable Access Grant?
  • Russell suggests putting flyers for MGP at Self Enhancement Inc (next to the Comcast Brochures)
  • Unitarian Church
    • Look for full details on Wiki elsewhere, later on
    • Next step is running som Cat5e - Troy points out that we can't legally run Cat5e without appropritae licenses.
  • Russell's Proof-of-concept repeater works great. We should buy a few such setups to deploy in MGP.
  • NodePioneerSquare - DSL Modem is borked, will try a replacement tomorrow.

  • Request Tracker - Currently researching using Trac as a request tracker.


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