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'''Location:''' NodeLuckyLab[[BR]]
'''Date and Time:''' March 1, 2006, 6:30pm-9pm[[BR]]
'''Scribe:''' RussellSenior[[BR]]
'''Roll Call:''' DonPark, MichaelWeinberg, TomHiggins, TomFitzgerald, RussellSenior, TroyJaqua, CalebPhillips[[BR]]
'''Location:''' NodeLuckyLab<<BR>>
'''Date and Time:''' March 1, 2006, 6:30pm-9pm<<BR>>
'''Scribe:''' RussellSenior<<BR>>
'''Roll Call:''' DonPark, MichaelWeinberg, TomHiggins, TomFitzgerald, RussellSenior, TroyJaqua, CalebPhillips<<BR>>

Location: NodeLuckyLab
Date and Time: March 1, 2006, 6:30pm-9pm
Scribe: RussellSenior
Roll Call: DonPark, MichaelWeinberg, TomHiggins, TomFitzgerald, RussellSenior, TroyJaqua, CalebPhillips


  • What's left to do on the NodeLuckyLab install?

    • Put LuckyLab logo on Splash page

    • Give all NOT members access to NuCab

    • Port forward 22,80,5280 TCP to NuCab (at least)

    • Install Second AP
  • Practice planning for inter-neighborhood wifi path building


  • Stuff to do on LuckyLab:

    • figure out their network, and do something (another nic, iptables magic) to provide isolation to the LuckyLab network

    • need to add port forwarding
    • talk about PoE for the second AP.
  • TomFitzgerald rants about FreeGeek.

  • DonPark talks about wanting to build longer links, particularly to a friend of his over the hill from his house, to a little SE of Hawthorn and 39th.

  • More people arrive.
  • RussellSenior reports to MichaelWeinberg that the Missnet Repeater test is still up (no reboots, still passing traffic) after 5 days. Michael will proceed with announcing their availability. Russell is going to purchase various lengths of USB cable for use in repeater installs. There was some discussion of purchasing two more metrixes for the network.

  • Reviewed Caleb's LuckyLab agenda with Caleb present:

    • DonPark and RussellSenior take another look at LuckyLab wiring. Russell finds the DSL modem on the east wall in the office, and a blizzard of switches and cabling running hither and yon. Our nucab is but one of those cables.

    • CalebPhillips updates keys on the nucab using the SETUP.sh script we hacked on for the NodeFirstUnitarian install, now checked into SVN.

    • CalebPhillips adds the LuckyLab logo to splash page.

    • TroyJaqua hacks on the nocatauth.conf to prevent wireless folks from accessing the LuckyLab network.

    • Still need to:
      • Setup port forwarding (need to talk to Integra?);
      • Setup DNS for nodeluckylab.personaltelco.net;
      • Fix the Node Information link on the splash (broken at LuckyLab and NodeFirstUnitarian);

      • Talk to owner about purchasing a PoE injector/outjector pair for the second AP.


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