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   * NOT maintenance tools

Location: NodeMashTun BR Date and Time: April 5, 2006 6-9 pm BR Scribe: You BR Roll Call: Them BR


  • Drink delicious beer
  • Hollywood Library Node future
  • OSDL wireless lunch on Friday

  • What's up with Mt Tabor gal?
  • Wrapping up Lucky Lab install... what's left?
    • Need ports forwarded, who has p/w for DSL Modem?
    • Second cat-5 run bad? Whose crimping skillz are lame?

  • AnnaBananas wants some help for their newish St Johns store

  • Bike Stumbling coordination
  • New Crepe shop on 29th and Alberta wants a node.
  • Status of PTP Handbook
  • WiFiDog versus NoCatAuth

  • Adhocracy
  • Still need to JFDI
    • SMTP to donk
    • Request Tracker
    • Upgrade MoinMoin

  • Expanding NodeFirstUnitarian

  • Requesting grant laptops from FreeGeek, as:

    • stumbler devices
    • node machines
    • NOT maintenance tools
  • Add your agenda item here


  • None Yet


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