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 * City Repair install (gear acquired)

Location: NodeLuckyLab BR Date and Time: April 19, 2006 6:30-9pmBR Scribe: BR Roll Call: BR


  • Report on new Mississippi roofs
  • City Repair install (gear acquired)
  • Mt Tabor gal update
  • New Hollywood node update
  • Plan of Attack for Mapping/Stumbling Portland
    • Fickle?
  • Install [http://metrix.net/support/dist/ Pyramid] on DarrinEden 's Net4826

  • Finish LuckyLab install

    • fix cable run to second AP
    • forward ports
  • AnnaBannanas install in St Johns

  • Russell's wacky ideas for the August field day.
  • PTP Handbook?
  • Add your agenda item.


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