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'''Location:''' NodeOldTownPizza [[BR]]
'''Date and Time:''' Wednesday 10 May 2006 6:30pm[[BR]]
'''Scribe:''' DonPark[[BR]]
'''Roll Call:''' CalebPhillips, DonPark, RussellSenior, AlexisTurner[[BR]]
'''Location:''' NodeOldTownPizza <<BR>>
'''Date and Time:''' Wednesday 10 May 2006 6:30pm<<BR>>
'''Scribe:''' DonPark<<BR>>
'''Roll Call:''' CalebPhillips, DonPark, RussellSenior, AlexisTurner<<BR>>
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 * Populate ["Adhocracy"] with Data  * Populate [[Adhocracy]] with Data

Location: NodeOldTownPizza
Date and Time: Wednesday 10 May 2006 6:30pm
Scribe: DonPark
Roll Call: CalebPhillips, DonPark, RussellSenior, AlexisTurner


  • Beer and/or 'Za
  • MGP Stuff
    • Mississippi Extension: Have til 9/15/06 to complete work. Need more involvement. Discuss strategies.
    • More Unique Content for PTP Net. Discuss and implement plan to get content producers in play.
    • Metrix-west outage report.
    • Schedule MGP Metrix software upgrades
    • Use LonnieWormley's suggestion to remove jagged white edges from PTP logo on mississippi.personaltelco.net

  • Mapping Portland With Snorkelator
  • Discuss recent info@ptp traffic and appropriate responses
  • Discuss NodeCommunitecture configuration ... considering yanking the nucab due to unneededness.

  • Populate Adhocracy with Data

  • Humaninet looking for help with Simulation Day mid-June 2006
  • Your Item Here

Updates on last week's todos

  • NodeLuckyLab: Bernie says call ISP support 866-871-1114 to get into the DSL modem

  • Brenda's Crepe Shop: Brenda's landlord is providing wifi and she is happy with that setup
  • New Lucky Lab: Gary has been emailed about luckylab NW.


  • CalebPhillips expands on the history of the PTP -> local content is central to the PTP and at the same time is a 'stunning failure'. AlexisTurner responds saying the average websurfer is lazy and uninspired to contribute.

  • MGP involvement strategy, is it possible to find local nerds near missip to maintain the network? Another missip event, with more notice, and more postering. RussellSenior says use the missip neighborhood newsletter. CalebPhillips says use the 'hollywood star'

  • CalebPhillips agrees to order chimneystaps for hollywood node to be reimbursed by node owner

  • post MGP news on the MGP 'portal'(drupal). Audio from local music shows, recording studio as downloads on portal. DonPark says Need to skin the site before pushing people towards it. AlexisTurner suggests MGP radio station, and food menus (see MississippiOutreach for ideas). CalebPhillips suggests an mp3 upload queue that plays on MGP radio, then goes off on a tangent about using GnuSoftwareRadio hardware to transmit a pirate radiostation.

  • Metrix west outage - RussellSenior says metrix was unplugged, he plugged it back in.

  • Metrix software upgrade schedule - goal: resolve the frequent panics/crashes of the metrix boxes. May 20th
  • Hollywood node install May 20th
  • Print generic business cards
  • RussellSenior details plan to invoke warranty on fried 2GB flash drive plugged into a USB port with power and ground reversed.

  • CalebPhillips demos the snorkelator

  • RussellSenior is getting the info@ptp emails. clinton st area cafe wants wifi. request from se6th and stark suggests fundable.org to raise money for her own node. sunnside neighborhood request, couldnt make sense of the website (replied).

  • NodeCommunitecture the nucab doesnt hurt anything even though the metrix could run nocat.

  • Adhocracy data population, KeeganQuinn is MIA

  • Have Humaninet talk at the monthly about Simulation Day


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